Penis Enlargement Operation: Obtaining Better Penis With The Help Of Surgical Options

The myth that a penis can be as long as a foot is disturbing and fake and it affects the confidence of several men with a normal penis. It is not important to have a penis that is long as your foot but it is necessary to have the right combination of the length and girth along with a balanced control on the erection and sexual ability. Surgeries provide help in completion of real and practical targets. For instance, if you want an inch of improvement in your penis then surgical processes may be able to help you out. Figure out the means with which you can enjoy your reign in the bedroom:

#Penis Enlargement Operation For Length Improvement

The part of the penis that hands outside the body is actually adjoined inside the body with a suspensory ligament. This ligament helps in maintaining full support through the Erection. The process of ligament cutting is performed to give the penis a length of one more inch. Furthermore, to cover the newfound length of the penis, surgeons also provide it with a skin layer for coverage.


#The Verdict On Lengthening Procedure

The reason why the suspensory ligament is in the body is for support during the erection. So, when it is not there anymore, the penis gets erected and points in a downward direction. Also, approximate length of an inch is not sufficient to sacrifice the support your penis needs when erect.

#Girth Betterment With Penis Enlargement Operation


Thickness of the penis can be measured by wrapping a measuring tape around it and processes for boosting the girth are:

#Liposuctioned Fat

As the name states, fat is suctioned from fatty areas of the body and is then inserted back into the dartos fascia of the penis, right under the shaft through means of injection.


This option can be quite a disappointing one as it leads to no conclusive results and even the results begin to dissolve naturally in only a year.

#Dermal Grafting

Dermal grafts insertion penis enlargement operation is done in shaft of the penis. This is done since the grafts have blood vessels that prevents the dissolving and adds to the girth. The tissue layer is sourced from buttock-groin part of the patient and is then surgically inserted into penis.

#Does this one work?

Nothing conclusive is available on this means either but comparing to the other options elaborated above, this surgical options works far more effectively

#Penis enlargement operation that tackles erection complaints

Erection issues and complaints are common from those who suffer from high stress. These may also happen to men with other physical complaints, testosterone issues, blood circulation issues, etc. Implants are used to curb the erection issue by placing certain devices in the penis. Normally, men are recommended non-surgical options before this option and when the pills, creams don’t work, the option for surgery implant is suggested.

Implants are provided through the two and three piece inflatable device and with a Non Inflatable, semi-rigid device. The device includes a cylinder in the penis and another cylinder in the abdomen from where the fluid travels to the device in the penis.

#How efficient is it?

Compared to the semi-rigid option, inflatable device for implant is durable, effective and convenient. Besides, you can choose when to get the penis erected in the inflatable implant while in the semi-rigid option; you will always have to walk around with an erected penis that may be quite embarrassing in public situation and locations.


The cost of the inflatable implant is higher but its durability, convenient and comfort of use is what makes it suitable.