Best Available Options for Penis Girth Increase

Supplements, ointments, creams, dietary products are well known solutions for penis girth increase, but in addition to the conventional options, there are many other products available for effective penile development as well. Find out what suits your body and male member’s advancement requirement.

#Exercises for Penis Girth Increase

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Exercising any part of the body is great and should indeed be done on a regular basis. The same principle goes for the penis which has ligaments and tendons. Thus, with effective and tactical exercises, the blood flow can be enhanced for improved growth of the male member. Famous exercises include double erect squeeze, double static squeeze, dry-wet jelqing, flaccid bend, erect squeeze, plain stretching of the penis, Kegel exercise, Stretching-rotation of the penis, etc.

#Clamping Exercise 

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There are numerous clamping devices available for constriction of the blood circulation gently inside the penis. This clamping enables strong pressure inside penile chambers, allowing for enhanced girth and size buildup along with stronger and harder erection. So, men with erection problems will benefit greatly from this exercise.

#Presenting the Package Right

Presentation is definitely important and nothing gives a man more confidence than walking around with a male member that looks subtly huge. Regardless of the real size of the penis, there are certain styles of underwear that are manufactured to add to the size and make the visuals down there presentable and bigger. Here are the most famous choices for underwear styles for penis girth increase:

  1. #C-ring Slings-Straps: An adjustable type with an in built cock ring to bring the entire package out of the legs so the male member looks bigger along with the balls.

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  2. #Fabric Panel C-rings: Another inbuilt Cock ring underwear, this one has fabric panels instead of the elastic ones, is more comfortable and is not adjustable.fabric panel underwear

  3. #Enhancing Support Pockets: This style protrudes the penises and balls through the pouch (instead of the cock ring) that is developed like a pouch. It is convenient for wearing anywhere and functions as effectively as a brief.enhencing support pocket underwear

  4. #Enhancement Pouch Underwear: Endowed with a simple and comfortable enhanced pouch cut in the middle, it broadens the penis by bringing it out to give a fuller view on the frontal side.underwear 5

  5. #Padded Underwear: Great for any size, the additional foam inserts allow men of all sizes to confidently flaunt their male member with some spike in the size.  paded underwear


#Surgical Alternatives for Penis Girth Increase

penis surgery


Cosmetic Penile lengthening and girth improvement has been a famous concept since the 70s, but it came to be known as a full-fledged surgical process in the 90s. For Penis girth to be increased, surgically advanced options such as dermal graft process, fat injections, etc can be sought. These processes allow for enhancement from almost quarter an inch to a complete inch in the penis. The girth can also be developed through penile implants (inflatable and non-inflatable) that work purely for erection function and sexual performance basis.

  1. In the ligament cutting process, the suspensory ligaments that work to support the penis are cut to allow the internal part of the penis to hang out. Although, this increases the length but may interfere with the erection.

  2. In the Liposuctioned fat injection process, the surgeon suctions the fat from high fat parts of the patient’s body, such as the buttock, abdomen, thighs, etc and then uses this fat to inject it inside the penis.

  3. Another process is a Dermal graft process in which skin tissue that has active blood vessels in it is planted surgically under the penile shaft. Because of the activity of blood vessels, this process is more feasible, safe and lasting than others.

Only after a well informative individual discussion with one’s urologist, one should go ahead with a suitable penile size advancement process so later on, there are no repercussions physically, medically, financially and mentally.