Best Penis Lengthening Pills, Creams & Surgery Options

Being endowed with a great looking male member is something that most men aspire of. The size of the penis greatly influences the size of self-esteem, confidence and often the psychological health. But is Penis Lengthening possible? Well, there has been enough technological advancement to provide women with everlasting beauty and beautiful assets and thanks to the penile enhancement techniques, now men can fulfill their aspirations and have a penis they always wanted.



#The Attractive, Coveted and Desired Penis

Generally men have a flaccid penis within 2-5 inches length while the erect penis could be anywhere within 3.5-7.5 inches. The size, of course, varies from men to men and the most coveted inches number is 5.5. The size, of course, varies men to men and certain demographic studies have shown that men from a particular ethnicity or geographical region have bigger penises compared to others.

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#Penile Lengthening and its Psychological Influence

The size of the penis affects men just as the size and visibility of the wrinkle affects women. Wrinkles visibility influences the self esteem of women negatively and the smaller size of the penis influences men’s confidence negatives and sometimes, may not be sufficient for sexual pleasure. Men with bigger penis are often seen as more attractive compared to their shorter penis counterparts by women. This is one of the key reasons behind men seeking lengthening treatments, therapies and solutions.

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Let’s explore what options for penile enhancement are available:

#Penis Lengthening Surgeries

Surgical solution for penile improvement include

#Ligament Cutting


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The penis contains a suspensory ligament whose function is to support the penis. It provides support to the outward part of the penis which is outside of the body. During the surgical process, the ligament is cut off so some part of the penis which was earlier inside the body now hangs out, giving the already hanging out penis some length.

#Dermal Grafting

This includes grafting the tissue that has blood vessels into the penis to enhance the girth. The tissue is usually taken from the buttock or the groin portion of the body and is used surgically to graft in the penis shaft. This is also touted as one of the safest penis lengthening procedures as it lasts quite longer than others and doesn’t pose any threats.

dermal  grafting


#Suctioned Fat Injections

In this process, the surgeon suctions some of the fat from the patient’s body and then uses the same fat to inject it into the penis. The new fat lacks the blood vessels thus begins to dissolve in only 10-12 months and is not a suitable process for those looking for permanent results.

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#Penis Lengthening Non-Surgical Solutions

Surgical processes are risky, costly and may not even be useful for longer duration thus undergoing such a process shouldn’t be a choice unless one has used the non-surgical methods. Let’s see what those are:


Clamping devices are accessible online as well as offline for quite affordable charges. These include the man to place the penis inside the cylinder like box and then use the clamping device to block and boost the blood flow. It is only suitable for those who have complained of unhealthy and unsatisfactory erections and erectile dysfunction.

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#Herbal Pills

Penis Lengthening solutions are also sold through oral solutions that include herbal pills, powders, syrups, etc. However, enlargement capsules and supplements have covered the major portion of the oral solution market as these are effective, value for money, user friendly and fast acting.




Enlarging creams with growth boosting ingredients are also available in the market, but their efficacy is questionable.

Using an amalgamation of oral solutions with herbal ingredients along with a massaging or exercising program will conclude efficient and visible results in lesser time for sure.