Importance of Foreplay – Foreplay Tips & Tricks!

“Sex without foreplay is like song’s reff without intro”-Toba Beta

Foreplay is a tantalizing mixture of physically and emotionally intimate acts which takes place behindthe closed doors. 😉 Foreplay is an essential part of an intense and steam filled sexual encounter

The deity created men and women physiologically different. Women need more stimulation to reach climax when compared to men. But the common ground comes to the place that it is enjoyable to both the partners.

importance of foreplay


et’s consider,

Oh you met your girl and had an impromptu make out, starting with an ear nibble, kissing the neck or nape of your girl. It will put you in groove but not make a bed shaking encounter.

Touching your partner in the same old way loses spark after some time and results in less arousing ,  so to keep the spark twinkling by trying new moves which make your girl go higher and higher. It not only pleases her but also satisfies you and helps her to return back the favor J

Touching your gal at the erogenous zones of her bod will electrify the spark and will force her to lose control and be your sex queen.

Foreplay needs manoeuvre guys. Below are few tips and tricks to make your gal incredibly high which will lead to a steamy sex session. Ooohhhhh……