Penis Lengthening Surgery- Pros and Cons

Increasing length of the penis is a tricky subject since there are not many options which help in real and performance size improvement. Certain options work well for girth enhancement but when it comes to the length, the grounds remain tricky. However, some processes for penile lengthening surgery are famously sought by men.

#Abdomino/Pubopelvic Liposuction


Often those men who are overweight find their penis size small. It is possible that the penis may appear smaller than it is due to being covered by the excessive fat in the pubic area or the penis may appear overshadowed due to a protruding abdomen. In such cases an abdominal or a pubic liposuction surgery options are offered. In addition to these, the option for suprapubic lipectomy is also offered and is touted as a safe approach towards visual size boost of the penis.

This option doesn’t include any surgery and only requires the eradication of the excessive fat tissue from the penis. Termed a cosmetic procedure, the process is performed by professional cosmetic and plastic surgeons and the end results can be expected to give an aesthetic lengthening.