Penis Lengthening Surgery- Pros and Cons

#Suspensory Ligament Cutting

Penis lengthening surgery is performed through the suspensory ligament cutting process.

#What Is the Suspensory Ligament? What Happens In the Surgery?

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The suspensory ligament functions to stabilize and support the penis for keeping erection direction angle necessary for vaginal penetration during the sexual activity. When this ligament is detached from symphysis pubis to allow a forward movement, the flaccid penis gets as long as or closer to the length it is when erected. The detached penis is allowed the stretching but the length boost is to too visible or excessive. The gap created by the detachment of the penis can be filled with the help of fat tissue and other compatible material deemed safe and suitable by the surgeon. Incisions are made at the ligament to cut to so the penis is detached and hangs lower. So, the part that used to be inside the body now hangs outside the penis making the flaccid penis appear longer than it was. But, no substantial effects are seen in the size of the erected penis.

Data recorded in surgeries has shown that men who underwent penile lengthening surgery through the ligament cutting option only received a boost of almost an inch and not longer than that.