Mild Sex or Wild Sex

# The Debate of the Mild Sex and Wild Sex

Wild means dirty and it happens when individual passion takes over. You or your partner controls the session and you drive guide you.

The wild, dirty sex differs from the mild or vanilla sex as it includes certain extent of pleasurable pain. It could include Screaming, excessive thrusting, pressure, biting, moaning, scratching, spanking, etc. Wild is hot, passionate, in the moment but also painful and fulfils the dominant partner’s sadistic or dominant sexual needs. If you are a dominant or like dirty sex then you could handcuff your partner and try anal sex or do it the doggy style. Spanking and whipping on a gentle level is also considered a major part of the dirty sex.

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Many couples state that they are not into any sort of BDSM relationship or that either of them is not a sadist or submissive but they love wild sex. Some couples state that they stick to the high pressure thrusts and differnet sexual techniques and positions but stay away from the BDSM territory and indulge in playful spanking every once in a while.