Exercise Weight- Exercise your Penis with Penis Hanger

#The Difference Between Penis Weights And Extenders

Penile hanger and weight systems utilize a similar enlargement principle as the extenders-stretchers systems. The design of the devices differs, but the effects and the principle of functioning and providing the results remain the same.

The hanging of the penis follows a simple approach of putting high weight quantity for higher (tension) in smaller but frequent periods. The extenders follow the same routine by providing lesser tension and weight for extended periods of time.

#Advantages of Using Penis Weights and Hanging Devices

#Better Control

You can change the weight/force at a time, so you adjust the weight as per your progress and ability.

#Hands Free Solution

So, you are at home and its weekend and you have no plans to attach the weights and then enjoy a movie or do anything with your hands since no commitment or activity from your hands are needed when the weights have been attached.

#Length Exercise

With the right consistency of using the weights for a particular duration, you can add healthy length to your penis and receive consistent length results.

#Bonus Girth

The penile base circumference can be improved through regular weight hanging and the improvement can be expected up to an inch.

#Minimal Time Investment 

Using the weights for only 20 minutes every day will give you healthy results and no exercising is needed either, so it is a mess-free solution.

#Relatively Safe 

Hanging is a safe exercise as the weights are supposed to put gentle pressure on the penis so if you do it right, you can anticipate healthy and side effect free results.