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#Kegel and Jelqing: The Conventional Favorites

Kegel and Jelq exercises are the most commonly recommended exercises because these are effective for real and cause no negative outcome.

In the Kegel exercise, one needs to find where the Pubococcygeus muscle is situated inside the penis (Can be checked during urination). Then one needs to exercise the penis by contracting this muscle for almost 20-30 minutes every day. Better contraction will allow the body to exercise stronger control on the erections and enhance the hard appearance of the penis.

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For free male enhancement Jelqing exercise, one needs to understand the significance of lubricant well. The penis needs to be well lubricated for this exercise and after the lubrication, one need to place the hand on the penis base in an ok sign shape. Then pulling the penis from the base to the head (outward) will help in developing girth and length through improved blood flow activity. The exercise should be continued for 5-10 minutes with every pull lasting around 5-10 seconds.

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