Boyfriend Vs. Husband: who’s the One for you?

So, are you one for a relationship or the one to risk it all for a relation of holy matrimony? Find out about the Boyfriend and the Husband decade before you sink your life and dreams into a man.

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#Who’s the Boyfriend and Who’s the Husband?

Boyfriend is that cute irresistible guy you went out with and begin dating. Husband is that guy who you dated for a while and then settled down with because you were willing to spend the rest of your life with him. Here are some quintessential differences in boyfriends and husbands:


You talked with your boyfriend all night long and wondered where the time flew by. He told you about his deepest desires, fears and you told him about your dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, you felt that this talking was all that you needed to survive the harsh, cold world.

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With your Husband, it is the kids, house budget, new repairs, family visits, festivals plants, picnic and school meeting schedule, etc and some other forgettable things.