Boyfriend Vs. Husband: who’s the One for you?

#The Sex

Shagging your boyfriend was the moment you waited for after work and you could never get enough him, nor could he get enough of exploring your body. You knew he was amazing and incredibly sexy and always told him. Kisses with your boyfriend were erotic and deep and he never forgot to tell you that he worshiped you.

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Sex with husband? When was the last time you did it? Remember the weird time when you tried having sex and your 5 year old started crying in the middle of the night? Cuddling on Saturday morning was not too memorable either.

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#The Romance

The boyfriend takes the time to plan a nice, romantic dinner followed by a relaxing activity that always ends up either in amazing conversations or amazing sex.

The husband often forgets the medical appointments, car washes and can’t even find his socks on his own, let alone a romantic dinner! But he does try to do something grand and nice on anniversaries.


The Boyfriend has everything worked out with his perfect schedule. He works hard, wants to succeed and eaves no stone unturned but he also find the time to make you happy with the cute gifts, vacations, conversations, dinners and morning quickies when you are feeling adventurous.

The husband is working hard and harder everyday and can’t seem to get a break. Planning vacations with him can be annoying because he’s busy too much.